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Busan English Radio Channel BeFM 90.5 “Inside out Busan”- Implications of Bad Oral Hygiene with Busan English Speaking Dentist Dr.Hyunjung Park

Busan English Radio Channel BeFM 90.5 “Inside out Busan”- Implications of Bad Oral Hygiene with Busan English Speaking Dentist Dr.Hyunjung Park


Busan English Radio Channel BeFM 90.5 “Inside out Busan” 

Implications of Bad Oral Hygiene with Busan English Speaking Dentist Dr.Hyunjung Park

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Dr.Hyunjung Park : Hi Tim, thanks for having me on your show
again.  It’s been a while, how’ve you


Tim, today I’ll talk about how bad oral hygiene can lead to
some serious health problems. 
First, because
it’s been so long, I thought we should check your memory of oral hygiene with a
little exercise.
  Does that sound
  I’ll try not to stump you, just
complete these sentences.


Brush your
teeth at least _________.

            Clean teeth are happy _______.

            Bad oral hygiene is            .

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Tim have you ever
heard that the mouth is the dirtiest place in the human body?

There are up to 700 different kinds of bacteria co-existing
in our mouths.
  Good dental hygiene is
important for lowering the risk of health conditions in parts of the body other
than the mouth.
  Bad oral hygiene is the
first warning in a long line of issues that can get worse and worse.
  The most important thing I consider while treating
my patients is their oral hygiene.
course I want them to reach their goal of having straight teeth, but what’s the
point if their teeth are unhealthy when the treatment is finished?
oral hygiene can lead to many health issues, some of which are severe.


Not only is bad oral hygiene potentially dangerous, it also
surprisingly affects many people.


What percent of all
people in the world do you think suffer from gum inflammation?


According to the World Health Organization, around 60%! of all adults suffer from
gum inflammation.
  It is a direct result
of bad oral hygiene being untreated.
gum inflammation goes untreated it can develop into periodontitis and can
contribute to other serious diseases or health concerns.
  Remember, Periodontitis is a disease that
attacks the bones that support our teeth.

In 2010 severe periodontitis ranked 6th in the largest amount
of people affected.
  According to the
study by the Global Burden of Disease, 743 million people worldwide were
affected by it that year.

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P. Gingivalis is bacteria that commonly occur in everyone’s
It is considered an aggressive
and toxic pathogen, or agent of disease.

It is one the bacteria that cause Periodontitis. The bacteria destroy
the gum’s connective tissue by activating a protein-degrading enzyme.
  Researchers discovered that this enzyme plays
an essential role in the immune-
to disease, and is involved in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid
arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, and another disease that we’ll
discuss later.



Word Association

—Heart disease—


Before we talk about
the first big disease that bad oral hygiene can cause, let’s get you ready with
a quick game.
  I’ll say a word, and you
have to say the first word that comes to mind.



High blood pressure

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken every meal



Blood clot


So, heart disease is another example of bad oral hygiene
leading to serious health problems.

There is a well-established link between dental hygiene and heart
  Researchers in the UK found
that people with bleeding gums increased their risk of heart disease.
  They say that bacteria from the mouth are
able to enter the bloodstream and stick to blood cells, platelets specifically,
which can then form blood clots.
blood clots interrupt the flow of blood to the heart and can trigger a heart

periodontal-disease-affects-heart-body,english spealking dentist in busan, busan braces,busan orthodontics treatment 

I recently read
something fascinating about another disease potentially caused by bad oral
Believe it or not but just this
year a study was published claiming P. gingivalis as a potential cause of
Alzheimer’s disease.


A team of researchers published findings of a study done on
mice in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

One of the co-authors, Dr. Sim K. Singhrao, said that two of three gum
disease causing bacteria are capable of motion and have been consistently found
in brain tissue. He said, and I quote, “P. gingivalis is interesting as it has
found ways to hitch a lift from red blood cells when in the blood stream and
instead of getting ‘off the red blood cell bus’ in the spleen, they choose to
get off in the brain at an area where there are no immune checkpoints.
  From there they spread to the brain at their
  Also, in older individuals, the
blood vessels tend to enlarge and become leaky.”
Now here’s the nasty part.  Results
showing chemicals released by the brain’s immune system, responding to P. gingivalis,
unintentionally damaged the
area of the brain related to memory.

This strengthened their hypothesis that the bacteria associated with
chronic gum disease also have an association with Alzheimer’s disease.


Hopefully after
hearing this, people won’t skip brushing their teeth when they are really


In order to keep good oral hygiene for my patients, they
receive a cleaning every time they visit.

We also educate them how to clean properly.  If I notice they still aren’t able to achieve
good oral hygiene by themselves, I’ve collaborated with other Dentists in order
to properly care for my patients.
case listeners didn’t know, they should be brushing at least twice a day for 3
  They should floss every day and
use mouthwash.
  It’s also important to
see a Dentist for cleanings twice a year.

For people wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances, they should
spend a few extra minutes brushing carefully.

Also they should use a proxabrush, the Christmas tree brush to clean
between the braces and the teeth.


That’s it for today
Tim, thanks for having me on Inside out Busan.

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